Skidmore Union Network Programs

The goal of SUN is to support women faculty in STEM disciplines at Skidmore College and Union College by working to understand the local climate issues that affect hiring, faculty development, and promotion at our institutions, and by developing programs and environments that lead to a more balanced gender ratio in STEM disciplines, with special attention to the needs of tenure-track women and women associate professors who are seven or more years past tenure.

Our proposed activities are organized into three main categories.

    • Combating bias:
      • Campus-wide climate surveys and focus groups to determine climate issues;
      • Training workshops for hiring and promotion;
      • Gender bias awareness training for students.
    • Mentoring:
      • "Speed mentoring" events to help STEM faculty at both institutions find mentoring partners;
      • Non-hierarchical, cross-institutional mentoring networks;
      • Workshops on mentoring and career development.
    • Faculty development and collaboration:
      • Grants for advanced education and collaboration;
      • Short term grants to "visit here or there" with research partners;
      • Teaching load modifications;
      • Women in Science and Engineering Speaker Series.