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SUN Documents for private use
Bias Awareness Activities for use with students
  • Gender Privilege Walk Activity: PDF DOC
  • "Professor's Honest Mistake," Faculty-Student Role-playing Activity: PDF DOC
  • "Extra Help," Student-Student Role-playing Activity: PDF DOC
  • "The Test," Student-Student Role-playing Activity: PDF DOC
  • "Six Steps to SPEAK UP!," Activity: PDF DOC

    "Gender Schemas: Consequences & Remedies," Powerpoint Presentation:
  • Powerpoint Slides: PDF PPT
  • Transcript of Comment for Presentation: PDF DOC

  • Other Documents
    Job Evaluation and Gender: The Case of University Faculty
  • Sidanius, J., Crane, M. Journal ofApplied Social Psychology, 1989,19,2, pp. 174-197.

  • Gender relations in higher education: exploring lecturers' perceptions of student evaluations of teaching
  • Carson, L. Research Papers in Education 16(4) 2001, pp. 337-358.

  • Gender and Student Evaluations: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan, (734) 764-0505,

  • Research Report: Race and Gender Bias in Student Evaluations of Teaching
  • Huston, T. Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Seattle University, 2005.